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People thrive, grow and create outstanding results
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Growth Journeys

We empower individuals, teams, organizations and communities to more skillfully navigate in our complex world. We have an innovative and unique method to safely explore new terrain and discover different ways in which to navigate in a world where the rate of change is breathtaking.

We take life on this planet seriously – that’s why we love to play games.

people who loved our games

“The power of the game and it’s underlying methods is truly amazing. In a fun way it gets the participants to really question their assumptions and conceptions in order to gain insights about what they need to do and also stop doing in order to reach their goals.”

Karl Sjöblom

Business, Leadership & Agile Coach

“A warm thank you for yesterday’s session! Navigator is a terrific game that has taken me like a storm, and the facilitation was fantastic!”

Senior HR

Advisor and Leadership Coach

“It went very deep very quickly. During the process of this game, I was able to mark a milestone on my personal development journey. Many puzzle pieces I have been gathering ever since I set out to explore my purpose several years ago found a place to come together and create a clearer picture. Thank you so much for this experience!”

Zebib Ghile

Coach & Facilitator


Our innovate method that empowers individuals, teams and organisation to safely explore new terrain and discover new ways to navigate in our fast and ever-changing world. We use a game that activates personal resources, unleashes creativity and forms collaborative thinking. The game empowers to think outside the box and see things in a different way and find solutions from a whole new perspective.

Growth Journeys for whom?


We use a method to ask the right questions in order to unlock cognitive and emotional restraints and thereby achieving deep insights and desired goals. Our highly trained facilitators guide you in a playful and innovative way towards your development of soft skills and multivariate thinking.


Organizations that is working within the transformation or paradigm shift that is happening right now across the globe can use the power of this method. It enables to increase and spread insights, facilitate a better conversation and to set the direction as they co-create our emerging future.


Today, more than ever, teams need to find better and more efficient ways to collaborate, communicate and co-create. Through our method, teams understand and appreciate team member strengths and weaknesses and create the “WE feeling” necessary to level up and reach the set goals.


On an organizational level, our method creates a collaborative environment built on speed, agility and stability, in order to solve concrete problems within crucial areas like strategy, communication, design and innovation. Organizations level up their ability to think systematically and to navigate uncertainty.

Meet Our Team!


Maria Midell

Growth Developer


Peter Björnholm

Growth Facilitator

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Rauno Juustovaara

Growth Facilitator


Andreas Boquist

Growth Facilitator

Jani Headshot

Jani Saarisivu

Strategic Lead/International Business

Camilla Glantz

Growth Marketeer


Ylva Pintus

Growth Cultivator


Robin Kettula

Growth Digital Specialist


Dr.Galina Labkovskaya


Katerina Rabey



Maria Shenkman


180423_David-300x300 (kopia)

David Tivemark

Co-Owner & CEO

Game Changers


A conscious and co-creating world.


Through play and purpose-driven events we unleash the flow and creativity needed to reach new inner and outer sustainable levels of growth and prosperity.


Growth Journeys is a dedicated core team of innovative thought leaders and integral game facilitators. Using games and our method we explore our complex world to unleash creativity and build the momentum needed to transform our world by collectively “leveling up”. Growth Journeys is part of a broader global network working towards sustainable transformation through education, event-design and through the development of innovative technological platforms.

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